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How would you describe your current workout routine?

Honestly, at this point in motherhood/ home business work life/ being 8 months pregnant, my workout routine consists of daily life tasks and running after a toddler. I try to keep somewhat regular walks - sometimes short/sometimes long.

What is your favorite workout?

I really enjoy a workout that doesn’t require extra equipment - that is easily done in home space.

What is your favorite outfit to workout in?

No favorites. (but probably preference for breathable clothing!)

How has your workout routine changed since having kids and starting a family?

I’ve never really been very sporty/athletic minded (fine arts undergrad here), and so a regular, scheduled workout plan (ie. fitness membership/classes) hasn’t been something I have made routine. My pre-baby workout life would be more of getting out and doing things / or sporadic fitness goals that were never maintained… yes. I am that person that always imagines I am more in shape than I am. I’m not. Having a kid motivates/reminds me to get her (and me) outside regularly.

When do you find time to fit in a workout?

Oh dear...

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to working out?

Doing it. Making it routine and easily integrating it into my daily life. (Without it feeling like a big new program I have to somehow fit into my life)

What do you want to teach your children about working out or exercise?

That exercise is necessity to healthy living - but also that it is not something to obsess over. Healthy living means healthy balance - in eating, in activity, in rest.

Any workout or exercise tips for other moms?

I am not one to give great exercise tips, but I would say that in our motherhood journey, we need to learn the balance of striving and gracing ourselves - and I guess this applies to workout life too. It’s very easy to have expectations that are neither realistic or healthy, and learning to grace ourselves is easier said than done. It’s not an excuse to give in/up, its a reminder to be kind - to ourselves. To others.


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