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I am your everyday Scandinavian wannabe. So naturally, I love a bit of Scandi flair in my gift wrapping. If you are the same, check out my tips below:

Ikea. Seriously. They have the best gift wrapping supplies. I stuck with a black, beige, red and white colour palette. But check out my other favouite wraps: Gnomes; Black and geometrics; and

Simple colour pallet and patterns. I stuck with one colour palette that wasn’t too busy. But heck – everything doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect. There is beauty in the mess, right?

Ribbon. I love a touch of ribbon. Bows, decoration, a bit of oomph! Here are some other great combos: Red shoe string; Black, white, grey ribbon; and Red and beige twine.

Washi tape. Cover up any poor wrapping or crooked cutting with some washi tape. Or simply add that extra touch of art to a gift with some fun print. You can go with: Black and neutral or

Tree ornaments. I love adding a little gift to a gift. Add a Christmas ornament to the gift wrap. When the recipient has opened their gift, they can add the ornament to their tree! Great ornaments like: Mushrooms; Geometric Ornaments; Santa Claus/ Gnomes; and Critters.

Gift tags. I must admit, I tend to just write the person’s name in permanent marker on the back of a gift, but when I’m on the ball, I love beautiful tags like these from Wrinkle and Crease.

Tag us in your wrapping adventures on Instagram! We love finding and sharing new inspiration.


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