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Believe it or not, Christmas holidays are celebrated significantly different after you have kids. Prior to having kids, I would hang out with friends wherever and whenever that works. We dressed up sometimes if we wanted and exchanged gifts between Christmas and New Years when we are able to get together. In summary, it was super relaxed. Now that I have a daughter, our Christmas holidays have changed 180 degrees. Here are some ways my holidays have changed:


Usually, it dawns on me the week of Christmas that I feel the need to decorate the house in a somewhat festive mood. I feels obligatory and not inspired. After having my daughter, the house is decorated like the movie “Elf” pretty much overnight and before December 1st. The reason for this is because it makes her happy, excited, and looking forward to what’s to come in 25 days. Can’t say no to that!

Tip: Slowly build up your Christmas décor and do bits at a time unless you are willing to spend a lot of money at once and to stay up really late one night.


Because she was still very young last year, I made her a felt Christmas tree so she can decorate it on her own. I also researched “advent calendar” and made her one. I thought I was so smart to buy a fabric shoe organizer to decorate but that was a mistake. You have to fill it with really big presents which gets super expensive. This year, I will be researching different projects to do with her and for her. Lots of time spent researching and crafting but this kind of goes hand in hand with decorating.

Tip: If you are not crafty or have zero interest in doing this, skip it. You will be plenty busy this month.


I never ever bought Christmas themed clothing before because I think it is a waste of money to wear something only a couple of times in a month and really silly to where it any other time of the year. But, of course, I buy them for her because she looks so gosh darn cute in them.

Tip: Try to buy at least one size bigger so you can at least get “two” years out them. That said, you will likely buy something new again next year because last year’s clothes were already photographed.


Obviously, not something you think about unless you have kids. (If you still take pictures with Santa as an adult, I’m impressed.) Not sure, if kids really love taking pictures with Santa or if it is something that is just done, but sure enough, after you have kids, you will take them to see Santa.

Tip: This is not an easy task. Try to go during the week and early in the morning. Even if you do that, there will still be a line up and wait.


So many gifts to buy and wrap nicely in colorful and cartoon printed paper. Previously, you just bought presents for your family and friends. Now, you have a whole new crew to buy for: Your child’s friends, babysitters, dayhome/daycare providers, and other people that love your child that is not related by blood.

Tip: Whoever that said kids don’t care about the wrapping paper, lied. Go to Costco in early November and buy the biggest roll you can get for cheap.


I actually seek out things to do with my daughter now. She mentioned she likes “light” and we will be going to see Zoolights and the lights along 14 Street at Confederation Park. She mentioned “shopping – hats – cookies” and we will be going to farmer’s markets and craft markets. Yup, I will take her anywhere I think she will enjoy despite the fact that I hate crowds, noise, and Christmas music.

Tip: Research the events (dates and times), pick and chose which one to attend (can’t do them all if you want to keep sane), and plan out when you can go with a backup date.

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