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Lets get real. Saying no to workouts can be REALLY easy, but it’s a slippery slope.

Next thing you realize, your exercise regime is flipping through instagram and liking fit people's photos, because that counts right?

Over time it feels like it’s harder to start and life gets out of hand, It is no longer a priority. We’ve all been there, but there are some simple steps to turn those thoughts into a reality.

Here are my top 5 tips to get back into a routine that will save your sanity, blow off some steam and help you feel fit and fabulous!

  1. Just do it. Start slow, go for a walk daily for 2 weeks, start adding in 10 minutes of strength here and there. Just move and keep doing it.

  2. Make a plan. Know exactly what you are going to do and when. Then you can stick to it and feel proud of yourself.

  3. Plan your workout wardrobe. When I get up I put it on because then you are half way there right?

  4. Put on some serious beats and get pumped up. It dramatically helps lift your mood and gets you into the workout a lot easier!

  5. Be consistent. It’s not about the crazy exercises or any real secrets. Healthy living and an exercise program is about consistency. Overtime, you get the results you want. There is no quick fix. But when you do it properly the results are worth it!

Some of my favorite activities are getting the kids in the stroller with snacks, blaring beats in my ear phones and doing power walks, lunges, squats or whatever comes to me. I also love a good backyard workout while the kids play. Consider getting a timer app on your phone and rotate through your fave exercises. You’ll be amazed how great you feel after!

So join me. Get moving, find exercise that you love and be fit and happy!

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