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A few months back, I took Anders to the front door one day to watch the garbage truck collect our trash. He didn’t blink as he watched the arms of the truck pick up our bin and remove the waste. He continued to watch as the truck moved its way down the street. I have never seen him so focused on anything. This has become a weekly ritual. (Although he almost always throws a tantrum when it is time to go back inside)

Since then, he’s been interested in everything that goes- airplanes, trucks, tractors, buses, cars, motorcycles, bikes and trains. He’s in awe every time he sees transportation go by. He will hear or see a plane from the playground that I would never be able to spot, he points to every truck or bus he sees from inside our car and he can play with his toy vehicles for a very long time.

So I decided I wanted to take him to watch up close and personal (Well as much as possible!)

Planes: Edward H. LaBord­­­­­e Airplane Viewing Area (McKnight and Aviation Road)

My son’s favourite place to watch airplanes take off and land! Although you can spot planes from almost anywhere, this is the ideal spot if you want front row seats. There are a few picnic benches so Anders and I usually bring our lunch and enjoy the view. There is a parking lot there where you can also watch in the comfort of your car (perfect for rainy and colder days)

Trains: Any C-train station

We get into the C- train station and we watch the trains depart and arrive. Anders even gets more excited when we get into the train and we just ride from one end to the other end without getting off. He loves to watch people come and go and the passing scenery from my lap.

School Buses: The school bus parking lot behind parking Symons Valley Market

This is school bus heaven! I popped into the parking lot because I knew how much Anders loves school buses! He was in awe. I must have kept driving around the parking lot at least a dozen times.

Cars, Vans, Trucks, Motorcycles (“The Traffic”): On any pedestrian overpass/bridge overlooking traffic

We love to watch traffic go by with a bird’s eye view. I have to admit, it’s hard to get bored when there are so many cool vehicles (and I was never a fan until Anders got me excited!)

Bus: Take a bus!

To be truthfully honest, I think I may have taken the bus in Calgary maybe less than 5 times since I have moved to Calgary about 6 years ago. However, I was determined to take the bus with Anders since I knew how much he would love to be inside of the bus instead of just watching them. It took some getting used to since we always had the convenience of travelling in our own car, but it’s all worth it when his eyes just light up with excitement.

Boats, Canoes, Kayaks: Glenmore Park (North and South)

This is one of our favourite spots for fishing but we can spot boats and canoes almost every time we are there. The Calgary Canoe Club at north Glenmore park rents out canoes and kayaks so we are hoping that we can take a ride with Anders in a canoe soon.

Have an awesome time trying out one or all of the above activities! I hope that it will bring both you and your little ones lots of fun!

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