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I’m not your typical fall fanatic. Why you might ask? Let me tell you:

1) This season is basically about death. You hear me? Everything is literally dying.

2) Orange is not my colour.

3) I hate being cold.

What an optimistic post! Aren’t you glad you’re reading this? But fear not! I have found a way to embrace this season with pastels and a bit of sparkle for both you and your “mini”!

Polka Dot Sweat Shirt | Black shoes (similar here) | Owl Dress | Sparkly Boots | Devin Gem Bracelets

Grey is a great neutral for every season. This polka dot sweatshirt for Mom can be carried through every season. Add a black checked, collard shirt underneath during the winter months or a pink pastel stripe during the spring - just a pop of flair sneaking out the sleeves.

This dusty rose dress with a mini-tutu and sequined owl has a touch of class while letting daughter dearest’s girly-girl side subtly shine through.

And the key to any good outfit? Accessories. We love simple yet classy jewellery around these parts. (Wait … let me rephrase that. My girls would probably wear way more glitz and glam, but at this point, I’m still in charge!) These Devin Gem bracelets are made of natural semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, 14-24kt gold plated/vermeil wire and finishings. Little H loves to dress up and is the best accessorizer on the planet. Lady A (12 months) is going to get this bracelet next! The beads are smooth and non-irritating – as well as a “keep worthy” keepsake item. (Yes – we’ve all received those random gifts that people hope will be keep sakes … but really end up being donated the next month … #thetruthhurts …)

Mother and daughter fall duo – DONE!

What coordinating combos do you and your Littles love? What accessories do you wear on a regular basis?

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