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I Heart My Pressure Cooker.

With the lazy days of summer coming to a close soon, the busy fall season is right around the corner. With busy work and school schedules, getting dinner on the table is often a challenge.

I’m going to tell you about my favorite kitchen appliance that has helped me to get quick meals ready for my family. This month marks my one-year anniversary of owning my beloved Electric Pressure Cooker. I’m in love and I’ll tell you why!!

Electric pressure cookers are so simple to use. I put my ingredients into the pot, lock the lid on, push the timer, and it will stop cooking when time has elapsed.

I also find cooking with the pressure cooker is time-saving for me and allows me to multi-task. For example, I hate waiting for water to boil. It seems to take a lot longer than it should, especially when I am tired and hungry. For my boys’ favorite lunchtime meal of mac and cheese, I dump the water and macaroni in the pressure cooker, set the timer and it will beep when it is done. I can walk away and in the meantime, I can go clear and set the table, put away dishes from the dishwasher, etc.

We have also found that the pressure cooker makes very tasty food. I think it is partly because you are cooking in less time and keeping a lot more of the nutrients in. And also less water is typically used so flavors are less diluted.

Also, clean-up is easy, as you do all the cooking in one pot. The lid is tightly sealed so you don’t generally get splatters. I really hate washing pots and pans, and one time, I even tried putting the pressure cooker pot in the dishwasher to make cleaning up after dinner even easier. Unfortunately the pot was too deep for the dishwasher to clean it, so I had to handwash. L

Some of my family’s favorite recipes using the pressure cooker are: ribs, risotto, Chinese sticky rice, soy sauce chicken, macaroni and cheese, and curry. I also like using it for basics like poaching chicken breasts, cooking dried beans, and making potatoes.

Here is the Macaroni and Cheese recipe I use from America’s Test Kitchen.

I often add ham and peas or meatballs to it for a heartier meal. Serves 4

2 cups elbow macaroni

2 cups water

salt and pepper

1 tsp dry mustard

pinch cayenne pepper

12 oz can of evaporated ilk

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1 cup shredded Monterey jack cheese

  1. Mix macaroni, water, 1 tsp salt, mustard and cayenne together in pressure-cooker pot. Lock lid and set to 5 minutes at high pressure.

  2. When it beeps, use quick release vent.

  3. Carefully remove lid and stir in evaporated milk for 1 to 3 minutes. Then add cheeses a handful at a time until melted and smooth.

  4. Optional: Add cooked meat and veggies.

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