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Today I will be talking about how to layer coming into fall. Fall weather, while definitely my favorite season, can be so tricky to dress for. 70's during the day, 30's during the night...how are you supposed to dress for that, amiright? Layers, that's how. Layers can be versatile and stylish and they are PERFECT for finicky weather. It is the best way to stay warm...or cool...in these coming fall months. I've put together a foolproof DO and DO NOT list for you to reference in the near future here.

DO: Buy a size up in that jacket.

I know we all want to cinch our waists as tight as possible to show off our ~c u r v e s~ but it is probably best to just go up a size in that darling jacket because if you buy it too tight, layering is a moot point. You are going to be wearing that cute chambray shirt with the sweater over top + the tight jacket and long story short: your body is going to look like it is trying to escape from fabric prison. Let's avoid that unfortunate image and give every thing some breathing room.

Charlotte Russe Lightweight Hooded Anorak

DON'T: Underestimate that j-crew vest you bought last season.

Vests are the most essential layering piece. They keep you warm without being too bulky and they are incredibly stylish. The best part is you aren't hiding those super cute outfits you painstakingly put together. Let's be honest for a second: it is kind of a bummer to look ON POINT but be too cold to take off your jacket to show the world. Vests totally take care of that little situation. Thank you, vests. We love you.

Hooded Quilted Puffer Vest

DO: Keep your layers light.

It probably isn't the world's best idea to wear six puffy jackets, a jean vest and a turtle neck all together. Try focusing on light layers like a chambray shirt, wool sweater and classic scarf. You can always take the scarf off and the sweater if needed. A long sleeved graphic tee and denim jacket is another alternative. Think easy to shed and easy to pile on.

Liz Claiborne Denim Jacket

DON'T: Forget about crewnecks.

Fall is great for sweatshirts. But those hoodies can make layering uncomfortable and bulky. Trying to avoid the hoodies for now and go for a classic crewneck to stay warm but avoid the bulk. You can layer with scarves and denim jackets to keep your look classic (and avoid frump at all costs). Collard shirts underneath give an understated yet timeless style to your wardrobe.

Charlotte Russe Slay Crew Neck Sweatshirt

DO: Mix fabrics.

This is one of my favorite fashion "rules". Mixing fabrics is key to layering because every layer will stand out. It doesn't make a lot of sense to wear a denim button up with a denim jacket and jeans. You will end up looking like a giant denim disaster. Instead, opt for a cotton or wool long sleeved top, denim jacket and metallic scarf or beanie. Each piece adds something to the outfit without blending in and causing a headache.

Charlotte Russe Hacci Longline Cardigan

DON'T: Forget about the elements.

A dress and heels with tights and a cardigan is obviously a fall staple...but fall is notorious for unpredictable weather. Make sure you grab a lightweight rain jacket and stylish umbrella in case you step outside to a torrential downpour. Now is the time to invest in a cute pair of rain boots, too. I have two pairs of Hunter rain boots in Red and Black and I wear them all fall long!

Boohoo Bethany Rain Mac

Hopefully this article helps you in your guide to dressing for fall and you find ways to incorporate layers that make you feel stylish during these coming months! I know personally, fall is my favorite season. I can't wait to pull out all my cozy sweaters and drink apple cider in the evening. Snuggle weather, here we come!

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