• Sarah Nantel


When I was younger, I was that person who organized my clothes and socks by colour. My outfits laid out every night and bed made every morning. I had a planner with all the things I needed to get done and the places I need to be. Everything was in order.

Even during the newborn stage - I was still able to keep the house to a certain degree of tidy. Sure there were onesies with spit ups and pee and poo on the carpet, but we managed.

Then my little curious Anders started walking. I know I will never have a clean house again (or at least when he is awake). This is what our house looks like on any given day now:

  • Mini trucks, trains and cars caught in a traffic jam on the kitchen floor.

  • Toilet paper dragons spewing out of the washroom if I leave the door open for a few seconds.

  • Food scraps, milk, utensils scattered all over the floor. Don’t even mention his high chair (Sometimes I pretend not to see it).

  • Everything he gets his hands on (whether kid friendly or not) is thrown, emptied, shaken, squeezed, bent- you name it!

So at the beginning, I tried to pick up every mess he made as soon as I saw one. I just couldn’t stand the mess- it felt like my whole house was in a construction zone. I would vacuum crumbs, pick up toys and crayons he left on the floor only to find that I was constantly doing just that. Cleaning a house with a little toddler is like shovelling my driveway as the snow is falling.

Then one day I gave up. I was too tired to continuously pick up every single thing that was out of place. The only thing that I could do was embrace it. My mantra became Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. (I can hear the frozen song every time in my head)

I know deep down Anders is not trying to deliberately cause trouble. It’s his job to explore and discover their world. So, what happens in our house now? I get messy with him. Whether it’s dirt, sand, rice, paint, crayons, playdoh, soap, water- we have fun! And I know if I can, I will take it outside. It saves me a lot of trouble cleaning up. And the best part is, I can see the joy in Anders’ eyes when he gets his hands and feet in all the cool stuff that mom rarely lets him play with!

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