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You're at the end of your rope? Why exercise may help you!

We’ve all been there. Your biting your tongue, your eyes are bugged out and you just might explode. Growing, nurturing and looking after little people is one of the best but challenging jobs around. We spend all our time with our little clones and kids know how to absolutely melt us RIGHT after they push us to our edges.

In those hair pulling moments of craziness I find I need to walk away and then it’s time for a good workout. The stress release from working out is AMAZING and it’s not just for people with a J-O-B. Cause us mama’s have one of the most important jobs and it definitely comes with some physical and mental stress.

Getting your body moving, releasing stress, releasing endorphins, removing toxins via sweat and just feeling good about yourself helps me mom better.

So if your all bug eyed and counting down the minutes get outside for a walk, stop and do some squats, put on music for the kids and start working out. It makes us instantly feel better. The feeling post workout is better than a coffee. So just get those shoes on and get moving.

Here’s a few quick sanity saving moves:

  1. Take the kids to the park and do some mini jogs, squats, pushups

  2. Go for a 45 minute walk and listen to some rap or dance music

  3. Get the kids in the yard playing, play chase, soccer and get moving!

  4. Squat while brushing your teeth (sounds silly but it works!)

Consistently having this stress outlet makes your rope longer and we need as much of that as we can get! So get active, include your little’s and have some fun!

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