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Sometimes there are these pivotal moments that happen where you stop and question everything. Like when you realize you just ate 12 Gold Fish crackers, ½ a baby bell cheese, some cheese bun and 2 strawberries for lunch.

I am a personal trainer and healthy living advocate and this has happened to me. Thus I know it happens to everyone. I am not proud of it for I thought pre-kids I would ensure I had my overnight oats prepared on the regular. But newsflash, its not always a reality.

Mom life is definitely not glamorous, but it definitely doesn’t and shouldn’t be a life of toddler leftovers. Staying fit is how we move, eat and positively think of ourselves. Unfortunately to a busy mama eating fit sometimes means whatever is in arms reach or whatever the kids or dog didn’t steal from your plate. Luckily it doesn’t have to be.

Here are my top tips to avoid the “Gold Fish Binge”:

  1. Ensure you eat a hearty breakfast with protein to keep you fuller longer in the mornings (think greek yogurt, eggs or oatmeal)

  2. Pack healthy snacks for yourself with your kids. We can’t survive on some puffs and crackers. Pack extra fruit, veggies and almonds.

  3. Have leftovers in your fridge. Of the adult variety! Make larger batch meals to ensure you always have a meal you can eat in less than 3.68 minutes.

  4. Don’t give into the toddler life of 12 snacks a day. Those calories add up and its just mindless to pass the moment.

  5. Make a plan. Before you grocery shop plan 2 snacks for the week and 2 lunches. If you have a plan you won’t end up eating 4 bites of mac and cheese.

  6. Drink lots of water. Most people snack when they truly are thirsty and not actually hungry.

  7. Take the 2 minutes even if the kids are bouncing off the walls or screaming mama over and over at a world record speed, to eat. Food is fuel and you need to ensure your getting the right ones.

So stick up for yourself against this crazy life we are in. Get organized, nourish your body and then we can all soldier on!

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