• Sarah Nantel


My husband took up fishing a few years ago and has been in love ever since. He even got me interested, which is surprising since I am not the most patient person one would know. Me, fishing?!! That is one hobby that I could never have imagined myself taking up. I am always in a hurry, love structure and predictability and love doing things the faster way.

We used to fish almost every weekend during the summer and a few times during the winter- well, that was before we had Anders. We have been to many new places near and far with our friends, made many memories and caught fish that we couldn’t wait to try at dinner (rainbow trout has to be my favourite!).

The one thing I have learned from all our fishing trips is that it’s not about catching fish. I guess that’s why it’s called fishing, not catching. It’s about having an enjoyable time -talking with each other, being patient and enjoying the outdoors.

Now that Anders is so curious about the world, why not introduce him to fishing? It’s never too early! Anders has gone with us fishing since he could sit. We talk to him about things he’s seeing and what we are doing. We let him explore his surroundings and some of the safe fishing gear.

During the winter when we went ice fishing, he loved being pulled in the sled that we used to carry our gear- he would laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh some more. His favourite thing to do at the moment is spinning the reel on the rod and throwing rocks in the water. And to my surprise- he also loves eating fish—which is a great start to many more fishing trips down the road!

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