• Sarah Nantel


Fall sneaks up WAY too quickly. It was just summertime and now we are approaching the back-to-reality season. I was enjoying buying casual summer dresses, cute shorts, sandals and more. Now – what to wear?

Here are some of my suggestions for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall:

Don’t Pack Everything Away: Why do you have to put everything in a box and tuck it into the back of your closet? There are some cute things in there! If it’s a nice day bring out one of those flowy tops with your jeans, rock your woven beach bag to work or pair a long dress with a cozy sweater!

Layer, Layer, Layer: The weather might be getting cooler and layers are a great way to make sure you are not freezing. Add a scarf to a shirt, tights to a dress or a jacket overtop! Use some summer items but just LAYER them!

Keep the Sandal Season Alive: You don’t have to put them away just yet. Wear your fav pair with cute work slacks, a pair of cute jeans or your dresses. Keep the sandals out as long as you can!

Roll it up: You may be bringing some winter pieces into your fall transition wardrobe but remember these can be modified too! A cute roll up cuff can cool you down and look super chick with a pair of trousers, a coat, or a little sweater.

Balance: In the end, it all comes down to balance. Wear your floral dress with a thicker jacket. Wear a summer top with a casual scarf. Wear your fav skirt with a fall sweater. Wear your warmer slacks with your strappy sandals.

Yes – you can’t wear EXACTLY what you wore in the summer time. BUT – pretty close!

Mix and match and you can wear your favorite items all year long!

All the items shown can be purchased on my favorite site, Roolee!


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