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This blog post is a collaborative effort with Adorn Boutique.

Dallas strives for a simplistic lifestyle and her fashion style is similar. She describes her style as casual, simple, fun! Her closet is dominated by the colors grey, navy, and mustard yellow. Stripes and polka dots also have a huge role in her closet. Her go to outfit is colored cords, a striped shirt, and (of course) converse shoes. She feels most like herself and for safety reasons when she wears flats, never heels. She feels she will be a walking accident waiting to happen. When she feels like dressing up an outfit, she will turn to earrings and a great watch. Currently, a stay at home mom, Dallas doesn’t have the need to dress up and impress at an office. Since becoming a mom, her fashion style has changed in that she will wear the same outfit two days in a row!

Dallas’ past fashion icons are: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Dallas’ favorite places to shop are: Screw, Boden, and Mindy Mae's market

Because Dallas' wardrobe is usually very simple and built around basics, we chose the classic jeans and t-shirt look, but paired it with a light, floral kimono - which instantly added a more put together and stylish feeling!

Huge thanks to:

Photography: Breanne Heidrich

Makeup: Polly Shum

Model: Dallas Spiecker

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