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I don’t know why the summer goes so fast every year! I always tell myself that I am going to do more this year – and then the season just flies by! So, to remind myself of a few things I want to do before the heat wave finally passes, I am writing a few of my “must-do’s” before it is gone! September is still a beautiful month – so get some outdoor activities in!

Here are some Kid-Friendly activities that I am putting in my calendar this month!

Visit the Zoo (Multiple Times)

This is a MUST with little ones in the sunshine! There is so much to do and see! You can watch tiger training, visit a creature feature, watch the animals stay fit with “Animal Workout” sessions and then grab some ice cream! If you have little ones, this is the best way to spend your free days!

There are so many amazing spray parks around the city that you should visit! Including my favorite one in Riley Park! Make a day out of it and pack a picnic for you and the kids!

My little Two Year Old is obsessed with every little animal! Butterfield Acres is the perfect place to go and see them right up close! See little chickens, donkeys, roast some hot dogs and have a picnic! It is open all though September, So I would suggest attending if you haven’t yet this summer!

So, Just because it might be September, doesn’t mean the summer time is over! Get out and explore Calgary while the weather is still beautiful!

If you have some suggestions on places to visit in September, please let us know! We always love some new suggestions!

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