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So you woke up and it’s the middle of summer and you are not where you thought you’d be fitness wise? That’s A OKAY. Honestly time during the summer months zooms by faster than we want but it doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel!

The truth is the busier we are somehow fitness falls off the map. When it should become more of a priority. Staying active and fit helps us with stress, release toxins, stay energized AND gives us more patience for running around and dealing with little kiddos.

Will working out two times give you the “instant” changes that you want. Not a chance. But it will give you instant mood boosting benefits that could even having you feeling like super mama.

My biggest tip is consistency. Start today. Start right now as you read this. 10 squats 5 times a day adds up to a real strong booty! Whether its your early morning power walk while half asleep with blaring beats, doing a quick 25 minute strength workout while your kids nap, getting in some sprints and lunges while at the park or putting on Paw Patrol for the kids and getting your workout in… you just gotta do it.

Do it for yourself. Not for anybody else. As moms we give everything to our tribes so its important to stay fit for ourselves physically and mentally. I am truly a better mom the days I exercise. It’s a fact.

Thus, 30 minutes a day is all you need to get moving and I promise super mom powers will follow! Fast forward a week, month and 3 months and you’ll be smashing your goals!

So start today. Get moving. Include your little ones and go for it!

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