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This word truly hits home for me. I am not only an entrepreneur, but a Mom as well. Although most professions wouldn’t include “mom” in their title, I think an entrepreneur is entitled to this right.

If you are a mom and an entrepreneur you know what I mean. There is nothing more challenging than either of these tasks. Starting a new business and taking care of a new life can both be overwhelming.

In order to be a “Mom-trepreneur” I have tried to implement a few daily reminders that help me accomplish what I need to do on the daily (mostly) as well as creating the best life for my daughter that I can!

Plan Plan and then Plan some more

In order to finish ANY task with kids running around distracting you at every point, you need to have a plan set in place. Of course, there are going to be changes to this plan constantly. Just do your best to accomplish what you can, when you can.

Set Small Goals

Make your goals a priority. Make a goal for each day, even if they are small tasks!! Getting anything accomplished during the day with little kids running around IS A HUGE accomplishment.

Believe In Yourself

So often, I get into my own head. I tell myself I have too much work to do and then nothing seems to get done because of ME! You need to believe in yourself first and foremost before anyone else can.

ALWAYS Take Advantage

I have learned to take advantage of the small things. The quiet moments, the plan-free evenings and the days where I wake up with just a little more energy than normal! If you have an opportunity – try and make the MOST of it.

If you are a Mom-trepreneur, a busy working mom or someone who manages more than they should and you have some advice - LET ME KNOW! We all work at different paces, accomplish different things but we need to be able to help each other out when needed! Plus, if all else fails pour yourself a big glass of wine and try again tomorrow!

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