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I still remember the days when I was breastfeeding, especially when I was out and about. I'm sure a lot of moms can relate to this scenario:

I would be searching with one hand for my nursing cover in my super jam packed diaper bag, with that same hand try to open the cover up and put it around my neck. I can only use one hand because the other one is holding my baby who was wailing like nobody's business. Once I have this cover "set up," I would then try to lift up or unbutton my shirt while also trying not to expose too much of myself to the public. Only after these stressful few minutes, would the ACTUAL breastfeeding occur! Of course, some of the times my baby decides not to latch. "Insert angry face emoji"

If only there were fashionable nursing shirts or dresses at the time. Unfortunately few years back, that was not an option. Sure, there were nursing shirts or dresses but they looked 'meh."

Flash forward to today, there are options if you are looking for that nursing wear without sacrificing fashion. You may still need to search for that nursing cover, but at least you don't have to worry about exposing your body to all the bystanders watching you nursing in public. Look away please?!

Here are my picks!

First row: Oli and Lola - Minimalist nursing wear that's fun and sexy without sacrificing function

Second row: Ripe Maternity - Comfortable maternity wear that's designed to be used as nursing wear as well. I actually owned one of the stripe nursing dress with Olivia, and it looks super stylish yet comfortable. Most of all - easy access for nursing!

Third row: Floressa - award winning nursing wear that offers comfort and design

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