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Spending money on sunglasses used to be my favorite thing to do. But, with so many alternative brands and prices out there, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great in your shades!

Before purchasing your next pair for the summer take the following arguments into consideration:


Is this style going to last, or is it just a phase? I don’t like to invest 2/3 hundred on a pair that will just go out of style in one or two seasons (unless it’s a must).


Obviously quality needs to be taken into consideration when you are purchasing anything. Is this pair of sunglasses worth the extra cash, or are they very similar? This can defiantly be asked when you compare a 100-dollar pair with a 300-dollar one.


Is this pair unique? Do you have another pair just like it? I OFTEN have to ask myself this question, since I love sunglasses so much. However, if they are unique enough then they are definitely worth the expense!


And of course, there are just those classic pairs of sunglasses. These are the ones that are always around and makes you look stylish. These can include classic ray bans, or a classic black pair or brown tortoise shell can last several seasons.

Loss Prevention

This is one (maybe unique to me) but I am assuming a few others have this problem as well. Loosing sunglasses is the WORST feeling. They can be lost ANYWERE a festival, pool party or just at the last patio you were on. This has happened to me a FEW times. So, going with a little bit of a cheaper pair takes the sting of loss away.

You can find just about any type of sunglasses in the low end and high end. The question comes down to you, and what you are looking for. Also, how much you are willing to spend.

Some of my favorite place for bargain Sunglasses is:



Forever 21


One of my favorite places for High End Sunglasses:


Sunglass Hut

The Bay


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