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Dinnertime. Ugh. Before kids, I really enjoyed cooking but now it feels like nothing more than an inconvenience these days. What should I make for dinner? Is there a recipe? Do I have any meat defrosted? Do I have all the ingredients? Will I have to stop at the grocery store? How long does it take to prepare? Will my kids even eat it?

These questions go through my mind every single day. Whether I am at work or at home with my boys, dinner is a source of dread for me. I’ve always said that if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is hire a personal chef. Since that’s not happening anytime soon, I’ve decided that I need to try something new to get me out of this cooking rut. Chefs Plate literally arrived at my doorstep to save the day.


Chefs Plate is a different type of meal service. You go to their website, choose two, three, or four meals for the week and all the ingredients arrive right to your front door, ready for you to cook in your own kitchen! Meal sizes are catered to a couple or a family and there are different menus every week with meat, fish and vegetarian options. You also have the flexibility to skip or pause your subscription at any time. Another great part is that it is available to most addresses in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba!


I ordered Chefs Plate for the first time so that it would arrive the day we got home from our two-week vacation. After being away, I didn’t want to come home to an empty refrigerator and worry about cooking my family a meal. It felt heaven sent, the box arrived at my doorstep and the food easily portioned for me to cook the meal.

I chose Turkey Meatball Subs and Beef Bulgogi as my two meals, both recipes that I have never made before. The directions were easy to follow and my husband and I were really impressed with the taste and quality. The best part: MY KIDS ACTUALLY ATE IT TOO! Since my boys are still pretty little and the portions are quite large, my husband had leftovers for lunch the next day, another plus in my books. I think that Chefs Plate is worth every penny for the convenience of not having to plan dinner a couple nights a week.


  • Convenience. You go online, choose your meals for the next week and then forget about it! The next week, your package will arrive on your doorstep in a refrigerated box, ready for you to prepare in your own kitchen.

  • Deliciousness. It’s so darn yummy!

  • Cost effective. It’s cheaper than ordering take-out or going out to a restaurant for dinner.

  • Quality. The produce is so fresh and all meat is locally sourced and antibiotic free!

  • Quantity. Portion sizes are large. For a family of four including kids, you will definitely have leftovers.

  • Choice. I loved the choice of recipes that they offer each week, it’s allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and cook something that I normally wouldn’t. I’ve gotten used to making the same dishes over and over and I needed this change in routine.

  • Simplicity. All ingredients are portion packaged so no need for measuring. The large recipe card with photos and step-by-step instructions makes it easy to follow.

  • Fun. You still get the enjoyment and sense of pride out of cooking the meal yourself!


Sign up today and get 2 FREE plates off your FIRST order! Use the coupon code MILKANDCONFETTI to get this awesome deal! I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Happy Cooking!

Disclaimer: Chefs Plate sponsored this post but all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


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