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I’m back home and refreshed from a five-day vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona, sans children! It was the perfect getaway for any mother who needs a break: sun and shopping. Like many Canadians, I get giddy with the prospect of getting to wander through the aisles of an American Target store. From clothes to home decor to wine, Target is this mom’s dream. And why shouldn’t it be when you can find an adorable and trendy outfit for a total of $38?

Today, I’m sharing one of my new favorite trends: the off the shoulder dress. Here are the reasons why I am loving this trend:

  1. It’s incredibly comfortable. Great for everyday wear, it’s flows and it’s non-constricting, making it great for lots of different body types. It could even double as maternity wear!

  2. It would be a fantastic choice for a mom who is breast-feeding.

  3. It’s sexy without revealing too much. Keeping it classy for women at any age!

  4. You can dress it up for an evening out or wear it during the day. I kept the accessories really simple as to not draw attention away from the neckline. I love these long tassel earrings. They add a little pop of colour!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Target nearby, I have some good news for Canadians. There is an International site now where you can order just about anything! Keep in mind the exchange, the duty and the shipping but if you’re dying for something, it is now at least accessible! If you’d rather shop at the mall, these dresses are popping up everywhere so have a look at Express or J.Crew for some in your area!

Shop the details: Black and White Floppy Hat $14 / Off the Shoulder Dress $24 / Lotus Tassel Earrings / Nails: Sedona and Free Spirit

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