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Being a busy Mom does not leave you much time to pick out your outfits EVERY morning. Even if you do have time, you want to wear something that is comfortable and versatile. The problem is – you also want to look good!

I often fit work, gym and playing with my daughter into my daily schedule. Therefore, I need an outfit that can last throughout all my activities and be comfortable at the same time. So, leggings are a staple in my closet!!

If it is warm out, I will pair them with a cute tee. If it’s cold – a cozy sweater! They are awesome for every activity, So, it’s important to get a few pairs that can complement other items in your closet!

Here’s my top five stores to get the best leggings in YYC!

Lululemon: Obviously, this was a no-brainer! Lululemon has the best leggings that will always stand the test of time! They are such great quality and will last for years. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they look pretty good no matter what you decide to pair with them.

Favorite Pair: High Times Pant

Aritzia: They have the best clothes, and the best leggings! Surprisingly, with a great price tag too! I fully wash and dry all of my leggings from here and they last forever!

Favorite Pair: TNA Stride Pant

The Gap: I never wander in the gap for clothes. Someone recently introduced me to their new athletic wear and I am so happy they did! They have the cutest patterns and colors! They are also very comfy and easy to wash!

Favorite Pair: gfast Print Capris

Winners: Although you never know what you will find at Winners, they do have amazing deals on some leggings! In particular, you can find Adidas or Nike leggings at a better price than at a sports store. My advice would be to visit the Signal Hill Location!

Pink: Cute, comfortable and oh so fashionable! If you are like me and wear leggings on the regular, you NEED to visit Victoria Secret’s Pink! They are always coming out with new styles and colors! The best part about these pants is the FIT!

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