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It has been a long time since I have done a DIY project with my hubby. I think the last time we crafted together was for our wedding 10 years ago. We spent many hours making 400 personalized glass magnets for guest favors. He hated it . Ha ha ha. After that experience, he pretty much avoided going to Michaels with me. But I ‘voluntold’ him to help me with this project and I am happy to report, we had a great Friday night crafting together.

My friends were having a housewarming party and I had a really hard time deciding what to get them. I had previously purchased this monogrammed cheese board for another friend for her new home. I thought maybe I could make my own personalized cutting board.


Cutting board

Graphite paper (from Michaels)

Wood Burning tool (from Michaels)




1) I found a picture of their new home and made a design based on it. This was printed out and then taped to the cutting board with the graphite paper between them.

2) The design was traced onto the cutting board with a ballpoint pen. Then it was time to peel off the design and graphite paper.

3) Then I plugged in the wood-burning tool for about 5 minutes and it was ready to use. Hubby went over the design with the tool and did all the burning. This picture shows the left hand side already burned.


After the design was all done, I washed the cutting board and it was ready to go!

This project took just over an hour and the majority of the time was spent designing the picture. One thing to warn everyone about, was that the pen can get quite hot and because you are holding the tool further from the tip, it can be hard to do small details on the design.

We were very pleased with the end result and can’t wait to try it again.


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