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One of the "hands down" most special things about Canada and living in Canada is differences are not only accepted and acknowledged but celebrated! Check out how some of the Milk+Confetti moms celebrate Canada Day!

We would scout out the pancake breakfasts happening on Canada Day and chose one to go to! It marks the beginning of our yearly Stampede Pancake Marathon! This year, we are going to Fort Calgary. We love PANCAKES! ~ Ivy Su

We like to go out to High River on Canada Day. They have a beautiful large park there with live music, bouncy castles, games, and lots of stuff for the kids. ~ Jennifer House

We are still very new to Canada Day celebrations. Before Grace was born, we would literally sleep in. Now that Grace is here, we all dress in red shirts (sometimes matching) and go out to some child friendly festivities. ~Monica Hui

We used to spend Canada Day in the US, so we would buy as MANY fireworks as possible and set them off on Canada Day and Independence Day! Now that we're back in Canada, we go to the fireworks at Prince's Island Park and pick up a bubble tea from a Vietnamese restaurant. ~Dallas Spiecker

We usually take a day fishing trip out in the mountains. Then we would come home and have fish (and burgers/hotdogs) on the BBQ for dinner! Being outdoors is always a great reminder of our beautiful country! ~Carisa Wu

We have no traditions on Canada Day. We usually just all hang out together as a family. This year will be different as my daughter is obsessed with Canadian flags. So, I think it will be fun to start a tradition this year! ~Erin Osborne

For the past few years, we’ve headed down to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to visit friends and watch the firework show. Last year was my daughter’s first firework show (she was 6 months old)…and she slept right through it. :) This year it doesn’t work out to go but that would be our first go-to when we would have a free weekend for a Canada (‘Merica) Day celebration. ~Breanne Heidrich

Our community centre holds an annual Canada Day Pancake breakfast so we head down there with the kids. It is neat to be around the loud music, bouncy houses, face painting, and seeing all the families together enjoying each other's company. We sing "O Canada" with the kids to celebrate our great nation! ~Lisa Tang

We don't quite have any set traditions but I totally want to establish something. My mind hopes for adventuresome hikes and outdoor fun but I'll also settle for a picnic and ice cream. I guess the amazing thing is some of our traditions are yet to be made, but we're proud to be Canadian and look forward to passing that on to our kids! ~Tara Butterwick

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