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Recently, I attended a seminar for work and the facilitator asked us what phrase or words give us strength. What do you say to yourself when you are struggling, stressed, and on the brink of crawling into a ball on the floor crying?

Some of the attendees said:

I can do it.

I've done it before and survived.

This is a piece of cake.

I got this.

I thought long and hard about this and the only phrase that came to mind and have used a lot in the last year was: "I'm a mom." Here are the times I remember using them:

When Grace was 1-3 months old and would cry all the time. Most of the time, I didn't know what to do. I was a mom with 1-3 months of experience. When she would cry, I would tell myself that I'm a mom now. I am her mom. I have to figure this out. Somehow saying these words gave me the strength to hold and comfort her. Looking back, I might have been telling her that I am her mom and she can trust me.

The first time she got sick was the scariest moment of my life. She wasn't able to communicate with us and I was essentially guessing what was going on. She threw up on me repeatedly and it was the first time(s) I was thrown up on. I was disgusted but as her mom, my priority was getting her to feel better, not to smell good.

The first time i got sick and every other time I felt like I was getting sick or was sleep deprived. I so wanted to take the day off, watch Netflix, or lay in bed all day. BUT, I can't or couldn't. Mom's don't take sick days. Being a mom gave me the strength to suck it up, act strong, and continue to take care of my daughter that relies on me. She depends on me. She needs me.

What do you say to yourself to give you strength? How often do you say it? When do you find yourself saying it?

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