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I have always had a love of balloons since I was a kid. So light, so colourful and so much fun! (I know, I sound like a kid myself!) I loved receiving balloons for my birthday and I insisted that we have balloons at our wedding. Since we are throwing Anders’ first birthday party- why not toss in some balloons?! How could I resist?

Instead of the regular sized 11” balloons, I wanted big ones to make a statement (like the ones you see in engagement photos). I ended up choosing those 36” round balloons for the home. When the balloons came, my husband said “are you SURE you want it that big?” Yes, I am sure honey. (We ended up blowing up the balloons to around 24”. I had to admit 36” was way too big for indoors)

I also wanted to dress up the balloons are little bit, and I came across these fringe tassels that would totally add to the décor for the party.


  • Tissue paper (20 sheets for $1.25 at the dollar store – this will make you 20 individual tassels!) The dimension of the tissue paper I used was 20" x 26" or 50cm x 66cm.

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon for tying the tassels

  • Ribbon for your balloon


1) Fold your tissue paper in half. Then cut about 1 inch slits onto the side without the fold. Leave about 2 inches of space where the fold is.

2) Open the tissue paper back up.

3) Starting at one end, roll the tissue paper.

4) Until you have the tissue paper all rolled up.

5) Fold in half.

6) With a ribbon (I used the same colour as the tassel), tie around the top and leave a small loop at the top.

7) Almost done! Loop the ribbon you will be attaching to your balloon through the tassels. (I used about 4- 5 tassels per balloon). Now if you are getting the hang of this, you can stack 3-4 tissue paper pieces and cut the slits all at the same time. This will be a time saver and give your hands a break!

You have the creativity of choosing the colour combination and how big or small your tassels are depending on the size of the tissue paper you choose. When you are done with the balloons at the end of the day, these tassels can be reused for another special occasion. Also, these can be strung on a ribbon and be used as a horizontal banner.


This is how our tassels turned out for Anders’ party- we loved that it gave our balloons even more of a pop!

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