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You know when you have a new baby, everyone wants to help you out and give you advice. Friends, family, neighbors, and the cashier at the grocery store, they all got something to tell you. And honestly, babies come into the world without an instruction manual so help is definitely appreciated from those with experience.

But I am sure sometimes you wonder if the advice you have just been given, if is the current best practice according to research. Suggestions like ‘Put some rice cereal into your babies bottle, it will make them sleep all night”. Is that true? (Nope).

I have been a pediatric nurse for over 12 years, with experience in hospital and clinic settings. But there are so many things in my motherhood journey that I do not know the answer to. Today I wanted to share a valuable resource, which I hope will be useful to you and your family for health information.

I was given a copy of this book at work and it is what we use for all the families that come to see us for appointments. Healthy Parents Healthy Children “The Early Years” by Alberta Health Services. My copy sits in my bookshelf at home and is my go-to reference book, not my textbooks from nursing school. I like to use it because it is very well organized, easy to read, and has tons of information.

Alberta Health Services also has a website to go with the book. It is “ your place to go for current, reliable information based on today’s best knowledge, evidence and practices” for pregnancy and being a parent.

What I love about the website it has an easy to find space right in the middle of the screen for you to enter a SEARCH topic.

You can also just put on the arrow button and it will take to you to the different AGE GROUPS as you go from pregnancy information to stuff about older children.

The bottom of the screen also has arrow buttons that scroll through some great TOPICS.

As mentioned above, there are printed books called “Pregnancy and Birth” and “The Early Years” available for FREE with the same information! If you did not get a set when you were pregnant or at a recent immunization appointment, please check out this link to get your free copy.

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