• Sarah Nantel


Turning one is a huge milestone. For Anders, mom and dad.

We made it through the endless hours of crying and not knowing why or what to do. (which for us resulted in a visit to the emergency room where Anders immediately stopped crying and smiled at the doctor-of course there’s nothing wrong!)

We made it through the sleepless nights and waking up every 2 hours to feed. Thinking it would get better, Anders surprised us by getting up every hour. I thought I would never sleep again (Hallelujah to sleep training!).

We made it through all the diaper blowouts, spit ups and being peed on. We have cleaned up poo from our carpets and did loads and loads of laundry throughout the year (and counting on even more as the toddler years approach!)

We made it through all the frustrating moments when we disagreed on what to do. What to do when Anders cries at night (leave him be or go pick him up?) What to do when he gets sick? (Watch and see or go to the doctor right away?) What to do when we think the grandparents are holding him too much? (tell them not to or keep quiet?) I can anticipate there will be many more of these as the years go by.

There were times when I honestly thought I can’t do this-how can I possibly be a good mama?! I remember sitting on a yoga ball in the middle of the night with my husband and rocking Anders for hours in the basement (since it was so hot last summer) wondering if he would ever stop crying and fall asleep. Through the toughest moments, my husband was there along with me, supporting and encouraging me. He reminded me countless times I was a great mom and that we are doing the best that we know. He was my rock.

And so we made it through the year as first time parents.

We didn’t necessarily always follow the way the book or internet said or what our parents told us to do. There was a lot of trial and error, asking other mommas what they have tried and just seeing what works for our son. We realized there really was no right way. Just our way.

As I watch Anders reach his milestones one by one, from crawling to cruising, to waving bye-bye, to saying mama and papa- I can’t help but think of those first few months when our lives were literally turned upside down by our little man. It only seemed like yesterday. These milestone moments are like little gifts to us reminding us that we are doing the best that we can as parents.

About a week ago, Anders decided to put his hands together and clap (while happily grinning at me with all his teeth). This is one of those moments that made my heart melt. It’s as if Anders was saying- you are doing a good job mama (and papa). I am proud of you.

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