• Sarah Nantel


Pre-pregnancy, I wondered why do you need to exercise? What’s exercise? Why would you want to go torture yourself and sweat like crazy? Plus, workout clothes are generally so ugly!

Fast forward to now, after two kids, I can’t help but realize my body is not the same anymore and sadly will never be the same as pre-pregnancy. What has changed? Pretty much everything: butterfly arms, never shrinking tummy, stagnant weight, and now back fat that spills out of my bra. Where did this all come from?!

I have started a weekly exercise routine. With it, is searching for cute and functional workout clothes. You might not agree there is a need for fancy work out clothes since you will just sweat in it. However, it matters to me and it really doesn't hurt to look good prior to your workout, and during the workout when sweating like a running tap.

Here are my latest picks for workout clothes because fitness fashion is the new casual wear!

1. The Easy Tank by Free People $76

2. Mesh Sports Bar by Dharma Bums $75

3. After This We're Getting Pizza Water Bottle by Ban.do $25

4. Printed Chai Legging by Vimmia $210

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