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I have taken over 10 years of art and art history classes, I can't say I am an art snob but I kindof am one. Then, my daughter Grace started making "art" and I think she is the next Picasso. I keep every piece of scrap paper she draws on and some of it I display proudly in my home office or around the house. Then, one day, I decided this is going to get OUT OF CONTROL.

I had to take a step back and did some honest critiquing of her work. The ones that were not up to par, was recycled. (I told her that we gave them to her grandparents. I'm horrible. I know.)

Rather than constantly scribbling on scraps of paper, I decided if we want to her to make more serious artwork, I have to give her the right materials. Artists paint on canvas, and since Grace is an artist in the making, she was also going to paint on canvas.


Small piece of canvas (I got this one at the Dollarstore for $3.00)

Non-toxic paints

Stick on letters/numbers (Also from the Dollarstore for $1.25)

Paint brushes

Paint tray


1) Initially, I just winged it and stuck the letters on. I kept having to remove it and reposition it. By the time I was done, the letters didn't stick anymore. Second time, I cut the letters out and placed them on the canvas on top of the ruler. This worked much better.

2) Begin painting and allow the artist to go freely. The painting project started smoothly and Grace was having a great time. I had her on her high chair with the paints when I went to grab the camera to take pictures. I was out of her sight for 15 seconds. When I returned there was paint everywhere and on her and she was eating the paint! I panicked and cleaned her up. No pictures were taken of this step.

3) Before the canvas dries completely, carefully rip off the letters. If there is some bleeding of the colors, it is fine. It is part of the charm.


I'm quite impressed with Grace's original artwork. This is totally a piece of artwork that will be displayed in the house!

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