• Sarah Nantel


I have had this cabinet for over 13 years. I bought it for $10 when my former employer was moving offices. This cabinet is commercial grade (whatever that means), super sturdy, and super heavy. At the price tag of $10, I had to have it for I don't know what.

Over the years, it has been used for storage and moved into more prominent locations of the home. It started off in the laundry room for "stuff" and then moved to the main floor by the entrance. It was used for shoe storage until we realized we had too many shoes and Grace should really have a space of her own, start to learn to put her things away, and take care of her stuff. Hence, the vision for this cabinet was for it to be a toddler's wardrobe.

Here was the process of the cabinet revamp:

1) Examine and clean it. Like I said before, this thing is sturdy and really doesn't show signs of age.

2) I bought some shelf liner from Dollarama at $3/roll and proceeded to line the interior of the cabinet. I wanted it to be brighter with some interest. The only tools I need was a measuring tape and an exacto knife.

Got super bummed out that I ran out of the shelf liner paper. Should have measured and made sure I got enough to start with. (But what is the fun in that?!) I wanted to do the bottom of the wardrobe and doors as well. As such, this project, just sat until....

I found more of the shelf liner paper a month later!! Woo hoo!! Happy dance!!

3) Added a shelf at the top to hold baskets for hats and mitts and whatnot. Also added a bar to hang her coats from. The bar and brackets were purchased from Lowes.

Ta-da! Cabinet revamp completed and filled with coats and shoes! Huge bonus to this project is the cabinet looks the same on the outside so it still works with the home decor.

Grace loves having her own wardrobe. Although only 18 months old, she knows to go into it to get her stuff when we are going out and to put them back when we come home! (Not evident in the picture below.) Another huge bonus is her stuff (although cute) is now out of sight.

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