• Sarah Nantel


I've been admiring eyelash extensions for the past year, since I first noticed them on my best friend. But I didn't know much about it, causing me to be a little skeptical about trying them. I was worried that they would feel heavy or they wouldn't last on me.

So when I heard that Fabutan had opened its own in-house lash studio called Hush, I was excited to have the chance to finally try eyelash extensions. I learned a lot in that first application by asking a ton of questions. The Full Lash Set takes a little over an hour. About 100 lashes are adhered to your natural ones, not your skin, as to not stunt new lash growth. You are able to choose the length and style too by customizing your look to natural, volume or glam. For my first time, I wasn't ready to go too dramatic, I wanted to stick with something that looked more natural. I opted for some extra length, with an addition of 8-10mm lashes with some curl. While I could see a major difference in my lashes after the application, I couldn't feel a difference because they are practically weightless. It didn't feel anything like having the usual fake lash sets glued to my lid.

As a busy momma, what I was most pleasantly surprised about was the amount of time that these lashes saved me while getting ready in the morning. My usual beauty routine involves curling my eyelashes twice, applying two coats of mascara plus liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow. I never realized how much time that took every morning! Now, with my lashes already looking gorgeous, I only need to apply eye shadow and a little mascara to my bottom eyelashes. I am always rushed in the morning, trying to get to work or get my kids ready for the day so I really appreciate the extra time.

Not only for everyday life, consider this for a special occasion like a vacation or a wedding (no need for water-proof mascara!). Your lashes will last from 4- 6 weeks if you take some small adjustments to your daily routine. Once your natural lashes have shed most (but not all) of the extensions, you can get a re-lash at a discounted price to continue your future upkeep.

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