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That’s what P says to me every day after he poops. Then he asks “Is it good?”. P knows the importance of having a good poop.

P has been struggling with constipation for about 2 years now. We have gotten advice from dieticians, books, and websites. We also take him for regular doctor visits.

The most challenging part of dealing with his constipation is that I have a toddler who is a picky eater. So even though we were armed with the knowledge of what foods would help, how much fibre he should have in a day, and how much fluids he should drink….it wasn’t all that useful if he wasn’t going to put any of that into his mouth.

Recently, I have finally been able to get him to drink more fluids. I have a water bottle with lots of characters on the outside of it. The more the better. Ha ha ha. Then I encourage him to drink water so the water level goes down and pass by the characters so they get their water drink too. Mommy is ecstatic that P drinks his water and Lightening McQueen gets his ‘fuel’ for the day.

Another thing that has helped with P’s constipation lately is bran muffins. I never would have thought he would love them this much. P and S will request this daily. On our recent trip, I even packed half a dozen in our checked luggage. It was that important to them!

I have modified Roxie's bran muffins from Allrecipes. I make a dozen and put some in the freezer and thaw them in the microwave for 25 seconds for instant snack.

Hope you get a chance to try this recipe and your family enjoys this much as much as ours does. Anyone else have any high fibre recipes they love? I’d love to try some new recipes!

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