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All right ladies, let’s face it: having babies changes your body. For me, things just ain’t what they used to be! I remember shopping for a body suit four months after my first was born, because I was tired of waiting to fit into my clothes again. I needed a little extra help getting that zipper done up!

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to give up looking sexy quite yet (or ever!). Shapewear is made of spandex and helps to give your body a more toned look. The OLD, traditional shapewear (like the one that’s a few years old in my closet) is an ugly nude colour that I wouldn’t want anyone seeing me in. But, Jewel Toned Shapewear offers a NEW generation of shapewear. Their products come in fun, vibrant colours that make you want to show off your bod.

I am showing off in the Major Mini-Dress in black (also comes in red, green, blue, blush and grey!). It has removable cups and adjustable straps and gives my silhouette a smooth look. Their website offer lots of different options, even brightly coloured lingerie! So if you are more concerned about your tummy, thighs and bottom (a common problem for us mommas!) then you may want to try a Bike Short that can be worn under skirts and pants.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to wear it:

On it’s own as a mini-dress!

With a breezy kimono or cozy cardigan.

Layer it with a flared or tulle skirt.

Under a dress! Hide underwear lines and accentuate your curves.

Helpful tips: Buy the size that is right for you, not too big or too small. Always step into your shape wear instead of pulling it over your head to avoid an awkward wrestling match!

Get 20% your Jewel Toned Shapewear with coupon code XOMOM

I love the mottos on their website: Love what you wear. Love what you see and love who you are. How can you not adore a company that empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin? Go see for yourself!

Shop the details: Jewel Toned Major Mini Dress / Eden Fringe Necklace / Watch / Striped Skirt (short) or (long) / Kimono (similar one & two) / Sunglasses / Lipstick

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