• Sarah Nantel


Being a mom is super hard. Even if you have had babysitting experience before, you literally have no experience as a mom when your baby arrives. You read all the books and websites you can to research and learn but nothing really prepares you enough. What would really help is for your baby to come with a training manual. Preferably simple like IKEA manuals.

Whether or not you ask for advice, many people will have some for you. Their advice makes things much more confusing, especially when you hear different or contradicting advice from the books and websites you read or the doctors you spoke to. You have no idea where or who to turn to but deep down you kinda know what to do and what is best for YOUR baby.

Through Milk + Confetti we hope to:

  • Empower moms to believe in themselves, especially when they don't believe in themselves. You got this. Huge Hug.

  • Define parenting on own terms. Each mom is different. Each baby is different. Parenting styles should also be different.

  • Inspire moms to be the best parent they can and want to be. Strive not to be a perfect mom, but a good-enough mom. For overachievers, an above-average mom.

We have the power of many (moms). The team of moms contributing at Milk + Confetti are not perfect. We also don't brag or think that we are. We are sharing our personal lives and experiences in hopes that you can relate to us, whether it be frustrating or happy moments. Our goal is to help make mom life a little easier, a little happier, and a little less confusing.

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