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You might have already had a sneak peek of our blog over the last couple of weeks. If you did, thank you for checking us out. We would like to now officially welcome you to Milk + Confetti, a blog written by moms for moms (and dads).

The name of our blog came from a brainstorming what we wanted our blog to be about. We want this blog to be a celebration of all the basic (milk) and Joyful (with confetti) moments of motherhood. There is much to celebrate once your little one is born! Not only are you celebrating the birth of your baby, but also all the "first" events. These maybe big ones like taking his first steps and having his first birthday. But there are also the small events like:

  • when she succesfully latched and breast fed;

  • when she didn't cry when taking a bath;

  • when she let her doctor weigh her and touch her;

  • when she didn't fuss when getting her diaper changed; and

  • when she let you put a bow in her hair for a picture.

These are small celebrations for baby and you. They are also small victories for you as a mom! Each of these moments are worth remembering, sharing, and celebrating.

The writers of this blog are not professional mommies. We have not won the award for "Mom of The Year." (This award doesn't exist.) We are real moms, with real experiences on what worked and didn't work for us. We want to share our experiences so that you can eliminate some trial and error when finding your parenting style. Some of us have professional designations and will be sharing our professional advice. It will be like having a registered dietitian and nurse as your best friend.

There are so many aspects to being a mom! Through this blog, we have different topics in hopes of making #momlife easier. We will be sharing:

  • Health information - Everything from pregancy to post birth to dealing with your growing baby/toodler.

  • Style information - There appears to be a misconception of what a "mom look" is. We are redefining what a mom looks like.

  • DIY - These are fun crafts for or to do with your little one. One of the perks of having a child is revisiting your childhood with them.

  • Insprire - These are our own and personal experiences we are sharing with you as a mom to another mom.

We hope to grow our topic as our community grows. We will need input from you, as our readers and as a mom. We have lots to learn from you as well. We welcome your stories and advice as well.

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