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I have always had a love for arts and crafts since I was young. My wedding included a lot of pinterest projects that my wedding planner could attest to. Ever since my son Anders was born, I just haven’t found time to sit down and do any crafting. Ok, I lie. Even if I had time at night when Anders is deep asleep, I just find my couch or bed a little more inviting than my craft table.

However, since I rediscovered my pinterest app a few weeks ago, I grew more and more excited. I wanted to cut, paint, colour and glue. It started out with some holiday crafts, then I landed on projects that I could do with Anders. Wow, there were so so much cool things that we could make! What a great way to introduce him to crafts and to have fun together (especially on wintery days).

I decided to pick a project that was relatively easy to begin with and that would involve dad. Surprisingly, he was excited too! So this past weekend, we made wall art with our handprints. I think this is a great way to capture a special moment together that we will look back upon and treasure. Those little piggies- fingers and toes are the most kissable parts of our babies!

All we needed was some acrylic paint, a thick piece of art board/paper as the background and a frame. We spread the paint on a paper plate and practiced using our hands and stamping it on some scrap paper. After a few tries, we each made a handprint on our art board. Since Anders was only 8 months, we held his hand, dipped it in the paint and pressed down on the board. The most important part is to keep his hand still! (I don’t think he wanted to keep still since he was so excited to play with something new.) And it’s done! I let it dry and used some letter stamps to label our hands and then I dated it on the back. (You could also do it on the front with the stamps)

After we were done, we let Anders play with the paint for a bit with his hands and feet. It was messy fun! Then it was off to rinse off with warm water in his tub!

The best part is that this project took less than half an hour to make and you have so much freedom in the colours you choose, whether to use those little feet or hands, and what type of look you are going after!

Our finished wall art that will go up in his room! I realized when it was done his hand looks like a little monster- but crafts with babies are not meant to be perfect

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