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My daughter, Grace loves going to her dayhome and she loves the lady who runs it, Nancy. I love Nancy as well. She has become a very important person in our lives. She has helped us grow Grace into a happy and healthy child. Nancy is always making different things for Grace to eat and I have to admit some days I am skepical of the stuff she tells me that Grace loves to eat.

Nancy: Grace loves to eat warm oatmeal on its own.

Me: Oh really?! (Inside voice: That is disguisting. As if.)

Nancy: Grace loves to eat peas.

Me: Oh really?! (Inside voice: Who in the word loves to eat peas?!)

Nancy: Grace loves to eat these homemade granola bars. The recipe is from one of the other moms.

Me: Oh really?! "Raised eyebrow"

This time, Nancy said I should try it. As she was walking to get the container with granola bars, I was watching Grace watch her. Nancy gave me a piece of granola bar and Grace came running to me with her mouth open. OMG. She is for real. I have to make these.

I have never made anything remotely close to granola bars. I took a look at the recipe and saw it is no bake, just mix and stick it in the fridge. I can do that. Buying the ingredients was a huge pain the butt. There were so many little bits of things to buy. Argh.

In summary, the level of difficulty is low. The frustration level is high. To ease your frustration: Soak dates in water to soften before attempting to pulse them; put the dried fruits and nuts in a food processer first if you are worried the pieces are too big; put the mixture in a bigger pan so you can make thinner bars.

Here is the finished product! Not bad for my first time making granola bars!


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