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As soon as I got pregnant with Victoria, I vowed to myself that I will never let myself go. In order to fulfill that vow, I’m in the never ending journey to seek THE skincare and make up products that’ll provide me with the youthful, radiant, health look with minimal effort. Well us moms, we need to find any ways to minimize time on our faces.

I spend about 10 – 15 minutes every morning on my face. I use about 15 products altogether, from primer to foundation to concealer to blush and eyebrow. Out of those 15 products, these are the five that I cannot live without.

1. Beauty Blender – THE tool you should not miss. It was introduced to me late last year, and I wished I knew of this earlier. It’s so easy to use and it gives you the flawless airbrush look without those expensive and ever so complicated machine. All you need is your foundation, either cream or liquid, I use it with Lancome liquid foundation and Cover Fx cover drops. And just dab it on by bouncing the blender on your face, not wipe it across your face, you bounce it!

2. Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush - this is blush I swear by, the neon pink might deter a lot of people away, but it’s very misleading. Its sheer, light and goes on effortlessly, yet provides you with those health rosey glow that you get after a good run on the threadmill. Even with all those other blush colors I own, I always seem to go back to this one, either for a special occasion or just quick on the go. One thing to remember though is to fight the urge to reapply after your first sweep, the blush comes with color adjusting property and it takes time to meld into your skin.

3. Guerlain L’or Pure Radiance Primer – with its high price tag, it came with high suspicion. I did not think those little gold speckle will do any good. Man, was I wrong. The hydro gel texture goes on effortlessly and absorbs instantly, it’s cooling sensation refreshes your morning drowsiness and you feel your face hydrate more after your morning routine. It also minimize expression lines and pores, but I haven’t yet to notice a huge difference. The gold speckles provide radiance to your face and more noticeable at the end of the day. I do notice that my makeup stays the same with no oiliness after 10 hours work day, even during the day I can still see the radiance and dewy look.

4. Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder – with our frequent travelling with the kids, I’ve learned to use pressed powder to set my makeup instead of having loose power (4 out of 5 times end up as Victoria’s toy … imagine all that shaking and opening). This pressed powder does the job, it’s light weight, translucent and sets the makeup without giving too much glitter. Most importantly, its compact size and pressed powder makes my life easier.

5. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer - this little stick does the job. It provides maximum coverage and you are able to build the coverage you want. I’ve learned that in order to avoid the cakey look, just apply the concealer before any powder and make sure your face is moisturized. Stubborn zits? Done. Ugly acne scars? Done. Unsightly dark spots? Done. Dark Cirlce, red spots, uneven skintone? Done. If you are planning to get it, and you happen to have a friend transfering via Narita Airport, have them pick one up for you, tax free and cheapest by far.

These are my top five make up product in the morning. What are yours?

Photo Credit: The Red Balloon Photography

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