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We were pretty lucky. Teething for Anders was relatively smooth. There were times when I didn’t even notice he was teething until I could see the white ridges come out of his gums. Other than lots of drool and washing tons of bibs, I’d say there wasn’t too much crankiness and his sleep wasn’t too disturbed (thank goodness!) He always needs something in his mouth to chew on, whether it’s a teether or toy, the zipper and buttons on our sweaters, or basically anything that he can get his hands on. His new favourite things recently are water bottles and coffee cup lids. I have a stash of them in my car to keep him happily chewing.

One day when I went to pick Anders up after his nap, I saw him standing, smiling and gnawing at the crib with his teeth. He had found his new favourite thing to nip on-except now there were teething marks all over the top part of the crib rail. Darn it, I thought to myself- I wanted to keep the crib in perfect condition for down the road.

I went on the internet to search where I could buy a cover or something to protect the rail from any more teeth marks. There were a few options but they were all pretty expensive and not that great looking. Then when I was talking to a mama friend about this, she sent me a simple no sew do it yourself solution to my problem (because I have to admit, I don’t know how to sew anything).

Here’s what you need:

  • A metre of fleece (any colour or pattern to your liking)- You probably will not go through the whole metre

  • Sharp scissors

  • Measuring tape

This project took me half an hour to complete the main side of Anders’ crib. I did all this while Anders happily watched me from inside of the crib and still munching the rail. It is not perfection to the say the least, but I think it turned out pretty nice for an inexpensive solution ($8 for the metre of fleece I got on sale!) to a common teething problem.

The fleece is extra soft to the touch and protects the crib from any more teething marks. I have also taken it out to wash and it’s easy put it back on. Now I really have to get going on the other two sides before Anders figures out he can furniture surf to the other sides and munch on that yummy rail.

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