• Sarah Nantel


I think snow has always evoked a magical feeling for me, especially fresh snow that has just fallen. I loved making snow balls, snow forts, snow angels when I was younger, and as I got older, my time in the snow became less and less (except for maybe shovelling it out of my driveway). This year, I am especially excited for the white stuff to fall because I couldn’t wait for Anders to discover it! As a mom, I am always trying to see through his eyes, and what would be fun for him- I think that’s the beginning of my journey in learning how to play with my son.

The first morning I saw the snow on the ground, I immediately put Anders in his snowsuit (or space suit as my husband calls it) and plopped him in the fluff in the backyard! He was sort of scared at first and not sure what to make of it. Since his hands and feet were all covered up, I encouraged him to crawl around and explore- while I took that opportunity to capture a few shots on my camera.

Even though it was pretty chilly out and probably just easier to lounge in our pjs at home, I took the chance to take him out on a walk in the stroller and let him take in the wonder of the falling snowflakes. He held out his hands and tried to reach for them to only find it disappear again and again. The sight of my son staring up at the snowflakes and just taking it all in-that was enough to make snow all that magical again for me.

A few days ago, I decided to bring the snow in. I took a plastic cup, scooped a fresh cup of snow and brought it inside for Anders to play with. This time, he could actually use his hands to explore and touch it. He put his hand in and he would take it out right away (I think he was shocked by how cold it was!) Then, I took some out and made it into a ball shape (sort of) and handed it to him. And in his mouth it goes!!!! I think it must have been tasty as he didn’t make a face at me like he usually does when he doesn’t like to eat something! I let him continue to play with it until the snow all melted and turned into a pile of water! Isn’t that pretty magical for a 9 month old?! I certainly think so!

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